Most people think that LIC Agency is only a sales profile and could not be possible with the job so why join LIC? What is the career in LIC? But think about if you sell one policy, you will get renewal income till the end of the premium, You can start your Insurance Business by getting a pan India authorized License, LIC agency is the highest-paid profession in the world, A Business with less capital investment royalty income, Freedom to set your own working hours etc.



LIC gives the opportunity to start your own business by getting an authorized pan India License. If you are thinking that why join lic? then you need to read below carefully…

  • You can procure more than Rs. 50,000 every month effectively through your contacts. Performing Agents are perceived in LIC and conceded Membership in different Clubs.
  • A Club Member Agent is qualified for Interest-free development of a Car, decreased Interest for a Home Loan, Office support allowance, Furniture Allowance, Festival Advance, Mobile and Land line Bill repayment ad different offices.
  • No retirement in this work, you are qualified for LIFE-LONG pay as RENEWAL COMMISSION. You will be remunerated by the method of Renewal Commission until the last policyholder leaves the Book of LIC.
  • An exceptionally bright future anticipates right competitor. Profoundly effective youngsters can turn out to be Full-time class-II officer of LIC of India following 5 years.

Do you want to work for a company?


Do you want to work for yourself?

Career as a LIC agent /Agency career in LIC is considered today the Highest Paid Profession in the world. Top performers in LIC are earning nearly 3 to 4 Crores per year. LIC Agency as a Career Provides you the opportunity to go into a Business of your own without much Capital Investment. People from all walks of life have taken LIC agency and have become highly successful.

Athorised License

You will become a financial advisor when your clear an IRDA exam and training process.

Respect in Society

LIC specialist is the individual who gives exhortation on Life Insurance Planning to individuals to shield their family from unforeseen occasions of death, handicap, and retirement of the provider. It is an honorable calling without a doubt

Attractive Commission on sales of Policies

Your wealth increase as focusing on other financial plannings.

Secondary Income

Top LIC specialists procure between ₹4 crores per annum. The normal gross pay of the top 20% of LIC specialists is over 12 lakhs for each annum.

Own office

Start as a single person, recruit some people to collect cheques, and explain plan details with the help of LIC Development Officer


Despite the fact that there is no time of retirement for a LIC specialist, it compensates its representatives with a tip of put ₹3 lakh on finish of qualifying residency for example 15 years. The equivalent has been recorded under schedule VI the (Agents) rules.1972.