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Life insurance agency is a unique career with huge Income. A LIC agent can more than 50000 monthaly. It’s a part-time or full-time commission-based job. Candidates who want to apply for the LIC job, can go through the procedure and submit the application. Click here to apply.


PoSP (Point of Sales Person) is a new type of advisor created by the Insurance Regulatory and Development.  POSP name is given to an insurance consultant who can sell specific insurance products to their operational area only. His commission rate is less than of the authorized advisor. Please Contact us For more details.


LIC offers to recruit agents in urban areas is known as City Career Agent or CCA. What LIC is promising under its new recruitment scheme called CCA in urban areas is monthly remuneration of Rs. 7000/- per month. That too, over and above the commission you earn on sales of LIC policies and plans. Click here for more details.


Many people wants to work for LIC but can’t take LIC License because of their company norms or other reason. If you want to work for LIC past time on commission based work than you can become a referral marketer for us. Contact us for more details

Recruitment in Gurgaon 


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LIC OF India a govt of India organization is recruiting Lic AGENT in Gurgaon/ Delhi NCR. Do you want to earn more?
Do you want to be rich?

Do you want to increase your income without leaving your present job, profession, or business???

If yes!
Lic of India, a Government of India u/t organization is offering Lic agency in Mumbai. You can work Part/Full time. If you desire to earn big and you have good personal contacts then you may become one of the best insurance consultants in India.

Your success is our responsibility. We will help you to get successful. You will surely be proud of yourself and the company. It will surely upgrade your life. Register yourself for becoming Lic Agent in Mumbai and become part of the LIC family.

In our country, which is one of the most populated in the world. The importance of insurance is not as widely understood, as it ought to be. That’s why still only 30% of people are insured and 70% of people have no insurance policy. It means we have a big market to work with.  Do you know, 3 out of 4 policies in India are sold by the Lic of India? we are the largest company in our field. We are the most trusted brand with a government sovereign guarantee. Lic of india manages assets amounting 39 lakh crore, which is more than the amount that the entire mutual fund industry manages.


LIC Insurance advisor is a part-time or full-time job where you can do work with your current job or business. You will be associated with one of the leading Life Insurance companies in the world. The brand image of LIC of India is huge, people in India identify life Insurance as LIC only. Thus selling life Insurance policies for LIC of India is much easier. If you are thinking that why join LIC? then you read this below carefully….

Do you want to work for a company?


Do you want to work for yourserf

Athorised License

You will become a financial advisor when your clear an IRDA exam and training process.

Respect in Society

LIC specialist is the individual who gives exhortation on Life Insurance Planning to individuals to shield their family from unforeseen occasions of death, handicap, and retirement of the provider. It is an honorable calling without a doubt

Attractive Commission on sales of Policies

Your wealth increase as focusing on other financial plannings.

Secondary Income

Top LIC specialists procure between ₹4 crores per annum. The normal gross pay of the top 20% of LIC specialists is over 12 lakhs for each annum.

Own office

Start as a single person, recruit some people to collect cheques, and explain plan details with the help of LIC Development Officer


Despite the fact that there is no time of retirement for a LIC specialist, it compensates its representatives with a tip of put ₹3 lakh on finish of qualifying residency for example 15 years. The equivalent has been recorded under schedule VI the (Agents) rules.1972.

1. Collage Boys/Girls

2. Housewives

3. Unemployed

4. Software Professionals

5. CEO’s 

6. Doctors

7. Engineers

8. Businessmen

9. Salaried Person

10. Employed

11. Bankers

12. Share Brokers

13. Retired Person

14. Whoever 10+ passed person etc


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